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Add these Extraordinary Sports Activities to your Bucket List!

If traveling was free, you would never find us again!

 As goes the saying, traveling indeed makes one of the most tranquil and serene experience. It eludes the ethereal touch of magic that is sparkled around in the world and renders one the opportunity to let their hair loose and just get drowned in the enticing experience of the surrounding. Goa is a divine symphony of nature, soft sands, palm trees, bohemian air, and wondrous waters. Goa has Best Places for Couples.

The hypnotic essence of being surrounded by silence, nature and the touch of tranquility sprawling all around. And the very name that sparks in the mind when you speak of these qualities is none other than Goa. Not only are people offered a sensory treasure to drool into but also lays out a platform for indulging in some adventure streak in this wondrous state of India. Away from the mundane hustle watching the glass-clad skyscrapers and of course the virtual screen sitting inside the cubicle, we all wish to embrace the simplicity and richness of nature.

More than just beaches

While, we all are acquainted with the state filled with some amazing beaches, Churches and lots of old forts, there is a lot more to Goa which can make your trip a memorable one. From theme park in goa to indulge in some amazing sports activities in Goa, the list goes on. So, here we thought of presenting our readers with top activities which you must surely add to your bucket list if you are planning a vacation to this hippie state.

Banana Boat Ride

Waters waters all around. Dive into depths, swim and dance, come to Goa letting your hair down, unleash the wanderlust in you, explore yourself out.

Coming to the state of beatific beaches and not trying out sports activities is a complete no. And when it comes to sports activities in Goa, the Banana boat ride is something that attracts the most crowd. Visiting South Goa, the banana boat ride is a prominent sport to indulge in. Herein, a banana-shaped boat is attached to the steamboat which takes the riders through a sprinting tour of the sea in speed.

Sounds fun right? Well, it is a perfect blend of fun and exhaustion but all worth an experience to gain. Additionally, you can try out this activity by blending this with jet skiing and Rino rides if you wish to add an extra thrill to your tour. Miramar, Anjuna, Calangute, Palolem are some of the beaches that offer this adrenaline rising adventure.

Hiking and Trekking

While the very thought of Goa, would bring to your mind beaches and water sports activities, there are a lot more in the kitty for tourists to unleash. So getting away from the sand, the other option to indulge in some sporty activity is hiking. Leave behind long trails waking through the challenging terrains of greens exploring the wildlife and amazing flora fauna of Goa. Numerous places offer hiking opportunities including Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Mollem National Park, Dudhsagar Falls as well as Vagheri Peaks which is located at a height of 560 meters making the most enticing part of the trek. However, hiking and trekking through the greens may sound fun but that equally calls for good physical and mental endurance.

Snow Park Goa

For all those who are neither interested in trying watersports nor walking long terrains, then there does exist a place where you can have fun as well as comfort. Noted among one of the famous places near Calangute beach, the snow park is a popular theme park in Goa. It is the best destination for all age groups and is designed with a prolific atmosphere. From clicking selfies at the restaurant to getting served chilled beer in ice glass and the thunder lightning themed dance floor, the adventure activities are unending. Visit any time of the year, with your partner, family, friends or children and indulge in wonderful activities of sports.


Laying on the grass, peeking at the velveteen sky, camping is yet another prolific activity to indulge in. Some of the best places at Goa for camping include Palolem beach, Dudhsagar Falls which are filled with Bamboo and wooden huts surrounded by beaches letting out the sonorous music of waves hitting the shore. It is also one of the dream adventure sports to indulge in along with friends which is sure to raise your adrenaline. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? So, why not try out?

Water Skiing

Unleash the daredevil in you with the awesome experience of Water Skiing which is noted as the most adventurous and thrill-filled activity in Goa. Skiers are provided a pair of skis which is sure to speed up your heartbeats. As the boat gains speed, the skiers are required to maintain balance while getting pulled by the racing boat.

So, next time you make your plan to go Goa, ensure to add on these to your bucket list for sure.

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