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Unforgettable Attractions In Anjuna Beach Goa

It is known for its different daze and rave parties and a dynamic nightlife that draws in a huge number of vacationers every year. While Anjuna beach is surely the prettiest of Goa beaches, it is unquestionably one of the most celebrated ones because of its excessive way of life and beach parties.

A traveler goal, Anjuna beach has been on the “radical” visitor circuit throughout the previous 60 years. However, even today, it figures out how to pull in crowds of travellers, both global and household, which fly down to appreciate the contemporary blend of sun, surf, sandy beaches and clubbing that this spot brings to the table. Topographically, Anjuna is a town situated on the bank of North Goa, in India. If this is your first visit, at that point go to places near anjuna beach, enlist a (bike or motorbike) and explore the genuine excellence of this area.

To put it simply, if you wanna experience waterfront scenes, insane nightlife, heavenly fish at hipster beach shacks and nearby road shopping in the swap meet, at that point, you should design a get-away to Anjuna – There is a guarantee to you, you will never get exhausted here. Let us show you the most energizing things you can do and the best Anjuna beach attractions you can experience when you head to Anjuna! Also, check out some places to visit near Anjuna beach.

Anjuna beach is a 2 km (1.2 miles) stretch of heaven. Its beachfront region is enhanced with a swap meet on the south end, slopes out of sight, haphazardly dissipated rocks, shimmering white sand, coconut manors and delicate foaming waves from the Arabian Sea. During the day it offers an amazing calm, laid back air, where you can simply have a sunbath or sit by the waves in the midst of the wonderful breeze.

There are some water sports if you like to enjoy beach exercises if you choose to go to places near Anjuna beach. Notwithstanding, the entire spot mysteriously changes around evening time, particularly during the winter season, when there are full-moon parties. The environment in the nights will get you into party mode, so you can make the most of its distraught beach parties while devouring a variety of worldwide cooking and the best of drinks.

Anjuna Beach is without a doubt the most frequented beach on the traveler list, in Goa, and its appealing excellence, alongside its insane nightlife, transforms it into a goal you shouldn’t miss!

Chapora Fort

Found only 4 km (2.5 miles) from Anjuna Beach. It picked up demand after it was included in a famous Bollywood film called “Dil Chahta Hai”, in English, “The Heart Desires”. Chapora Fort – well known as the best Anjuna beach attractions is situated on the highest point of a hillock and surrounded the Arabian Sea from three sides. Aside from the beautiful perspective on Anjuna and Vagator beaches, you should visit this spot to experience its beauty, from 1510 to 1793. And keeping in mind that you are grinding away, you can get your photographs taken at the spots put on the map by the video pictures!

A Weekly Markets

There is two weekly markets held in Anjuna: there’s a Wednesday Flea Market and the other is the Saturday Night Market, in Arpora. The Saturday Night Market has picked up high demand among travelers and is loaded up with antiques, vivid slows down, household and universal manifestations, nourishment slows down selling cooking from over the globe and a middle stage, which has live shows, from Indian to International.

The Wednesday Flea Market is situated on Anjuna Beach and is generally well known as the Anjuna beach attractions, among vacation trips. You can discover everything without exception here, from marked to non-marked things, devices, crafted works, materials, gems, and even Indian flavors. This is similar to a trinket showcase and the best time to visit is promptly in the first part of the day or late night, just before dusk, when the market is going to close. Guarantee you deal well, as certain things might be overrated.


The gathering scene in Anjuna is sensational. You can basically stroll into a large portion of the beach shacks or clubs and you won’t be baffled! This is your goal for celebrating, clubbing, moving stupor, with radicals, in an east meets west sort of setting. There are full moon parties, the fascinating fire appears and astonishing DJs, playing around the visitor season, from Christmas to New Years. Along with these, let your hair down, experience the energizing nightlife, siphon up your gathering mindset and dance the night away, from dusk to dawn!

The Most Famous Clubs Are:

Club Cabana – Popularly known as the “Dance club in the Sky”, this is one of the most acclaimed clubs around – do attempt their lip-smacking wood terminated pizzas.

Curlies Beach Shack – This is a provincial beach shack, with housetop seating – an ideal escape to going through the night by the beach.

UV Bar – Recently picking up fame in North Goa for its wild daze parties, with two dance floors and a focal area on the beachfront.

You can choose any one of the above Anjuna beach attractions and it is guaranteed that you will love it.

St. Michael’s Church

Constructed in the sixteenth century, this is probably the most seasoned places of worship and is in a genuinely decent condition, until now. Its delightful inscriptions and Portuguese style design are its fundamental attractions. The statue of St. Michael is well known, as it has a scale in his left hand and a devil set under his feet.

So you can really enjoy going to Anjuna beach with your family! You should do this if you are going in a mood to live the teen’s life again aur you are now a teenager.

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