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Delve into these enthralling activities of Goa

It is often a dream for many to visit a place that is tranquil and has an air of freshness surrounding it. A place which eludes out an air of freedom as well as has the element of nature. If we ask you what is the first thought or name of a place that crosses your mind, the very picture that would flash in front of our eyes is that of Goa. Do not forget to add best attraction in Goa and best theme parks in Goa to your bucket list and let yourself get surprised with what is offered in this happy place.

One cannot deny that Goa is an epitome of natural beauty which is a balanced mix of greenery and the serenity of waters that reflect the sky on it. Furthermore, the bohemian air of freedom, rawness, and acceptance away from the bondage of the societal norms, Goa makes the ultimate destination for people from around the world. You can find plenty of people from different ethnicities as well as from across the globe visit this place to let their hair loose in the happy air of the marvelous state.

Apart from the immense natural grandness that it offers to the visitors, Goa also makes one of the grand stops for indulging in sporty activities. And if you are someone who has an adventurous streak and wish to live your life to the fullest experiencing every challenge with profundity, then this article is for you. Here in this article, we have brought about to our readers top things to do at Goa and how you can make your time in this wonderful place a memoir of happiness and adventure.

Scuba Diving

If you love underwater sports or deem to try it at least once in your lifetime, then Goa makes an impeccable destination for you to explore in India. With an immense coastline and an expansive vastness of the sea, scuba diving offers an enchanting experience of catching the fancy of underwater life. Snorkeling and scuba diving renders one a stunning experience of witnessing the beauty of marine life inside the water. Divers are also provided sufficient support backed by instructors to guide them. Best places to try out these sporting activities include Agatti Island, Candolim Beach, Calangute, etc.


Parasailing is yet another adventurous activity that makes the best attraction in Goa. It is something that every adventure lover must try out once in their lifetime. A splendid option to gain the breathtaking view of the entire blue Arabian Sea, flying high in the sky and letting the adrenaline rush more. Parasailing is one of the most popular activities conducted in Goa, which is a perfect combination of fun, and enjoyment. If you are someone who is not a water person, then gliding high in the parachute can be your best pick. Beaches like Arambol Beach and Baga Beach rank top among the Parasailing sights.

Snow Park Goa

If you feel exhausted surrounded by the crowd and are on the lookout for a place that is filled with calmness and serenity, then Snow Park Goa is the ultimate stop and best theme parks in Goa. One of a kind adventurous place in the hippie state, the Snow Park Goa is located central to Baga Beach and Calangute Beach. Furthermore, if you are thinking, what to expect from this place, then there are numerous adventurous activities waiting for you.

It’s one such location indoor where you can dance in the theme of thunder and lightning. Enclosed inside the snow park Goa, you are welcomed to a snow restaurant which is completely covered by Ice. Well, won’t that make an enticing sight to view? Furthermore, you can get your picture clicked with the glass of beer, the glass which is also made wholly of glass adding as a memento to your marvelous time in the place.


It is surely one of the calming activities one can indulge in which is not only less strenuous but also not too challenging. Thus, no matter what your age may be, you can get into the adventure streak by indulging in marvelous experience. Kayak races involve paddling through the backwaters, thickets, and rivulets that surround this amazing state of Goa. Moreover, you can go on to explore the vivacity and catch the amazing glimpse of kayak festivals which is conducted often Goa. You can experience these amazing sports activities in Goa at Palolem Beach, Mandovi to mention a few.

Aqua Zorbing and Soccer

The best attraction in Goa can be indulged by children as well as adults without the qualms of any fear or injury. At a time, only two individuals are allowed to take up the sporting activity. Herein, the individuals will be encased inside a zorb or an inflatable balloon which will be later left to float on the water. Herein you will be tested your prowess and your effort to walk through the water making it an exciting and fun-filled task.

So next time you visit Goa, do not forget to indulge in these sports activities in Goa and make your stay even more enticing.

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