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Don’t miss out these five amazing places to visit near Baga Beach, Goa

Goa is an Amazing state, but it is divided into North Goa and South Goa. Both north and south Goa shows the beauty of nature equally. North Goa is a paradise on earth for sunbath lovers. Along with its large beaches, it also gives you religious vibes because of many temples and churches to visit. There are also ice parks in Goa which are worth visiting.

The very first thought if Goa in our minds reminds us of the large coastal area of the state. The large and amazing beaches of Goa have always been an attractive center for people all over the world. Every year Goa welcomes a large number of tourists especially youth from all over the world as well as India.

North Goa has many places that must be visited for their beauty, one of which is the great Baga Beach. Baga Beach has always been one of the best attractions in Goa. The beach has a wonderful sunset look from the stone shacks facing it. The sunset gives the beach more beauty by adding the colors of life to it.

There are amazing water sports including motorbike riding and paragliding which make it more adventurous. The nightlife is the treat for fun-loving people who love to dance and enjoy themselves and has always been one of the best Goa enjoyment places because of its nightlife.

Here is the list of five amazing places to visit near Baga beach:

Retreat House or Casa de Retrios

The retreat house on the Baga Beach, Goa or Casa de Retrios is dedicated to Saint Francis Xavier. It is situated at the hilltop, across the Baga creek from which the beach derives its name with an amazing site overlooking the Arabian Sea. It is easy to be visited. One can reach there on two-wheelers like scooters and bikes.

Our lady of piety

It is also known as Nossa Senhora da Piedade Igreja em Divar named after the patron saint of the church. It is located in Piedade village. It lies in the hilltop near a Hindu temple vicinity which is believed to be destroyed in the late 15th century. It has got a wonderful view and an associated cemetery and chapel.

The Chapora fort

Chapora fort is located near the Chapora River which gives it the name. This fort is best to be visited at sunset as the light of setting sun covering the walls of the fort and the river with the blanket of its orange light makes it look more beautiful.

The Aguada fort

Aguada Fort is famous for its lighthouse which has served as a shelter for sailors many times. Once it has been the largest reservoir of water in Asia. It has also been used as a jail in the past.

Salim Ali bird sanctuary

Salim Ali bird sanctuary is located near Mandovi River between its mangroves. It is always the first priority of the bird watchers because of its great variety of bird species.

Along with these places, the night shopping market of Baga beach has always been one of the best attractions in Goa. The hotels and café’s of the Baga beach has always received a large number of customers.

The night clubs are among the few goa enjoyment places. The visitors here enjoy the great dance party in the clubs and the party is always a treat for those who like drinking and dancing. There are also ice parks in Goa to visit to add to the enjoyment.

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