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Rekindle Romance The Right Way at Snow Park Goa

Goa is one destination that is happening as well as trendy. This small state of India attracts maximum crowd from across the globe who come here thronging to celebrate its galore. One can’t deny that the state has an air of freedom lingering over that instantly captivates the visitors. This also makes it an ideal destination and Places for couples to visit to spend some alone time with your partners.

There is a lot to speak of Goa. Though a state with the shortest name, it has a big heart that welcomes each one to come and enjoy its vividity. Call it is bohemian lifestyle or hippie culture, each fit perfect to the requirement of modern-day crowd and present generation per se.

There are numerous activities for couples and people to splurge into and explore the infinite offerings it presents to the vacationers.

While we all are well aware of the Best attractions in Goa, we decided to dedicate this article speaking about one of the grandest attractions and the latest craze of individuals in goa.

Snow in the land of beaches

Goa – the very name flashes into our mind grand surroundings, coconut trees, beaches which reflect the sky and of course party. There are also numerous forts and restaurants which are famous for its inclusion in many Bollywood flings. But do you know midst this state of beaches and greenery there exists a paradise of snow which has turned into the latest craze among people?

Well, it’s none other than the Snow Park Goa. If you are a couple who wish to spend some cozy time alone in the company of each other with a wonderful background, then Snow Park Goa is an ideal stop.

So, what exactly is Snow Park and why does it make one of the most popular places for couples to visit. So here is a complete detailing:

What is a snow park?

Snow Park is filled with snow which is below -5 degrees Celsius. Enter into the place and you will be left enthralled by the immense covering of shows everywhere. Cold weather and snow all around are sure to leave the romance rekindled. The place offers an exotic ambiance for visitors to groove into.

What are the features at Snow Park?

While Goa is well famous for its casinos, churches, and beaches, snow park is the latest attraction that has swayed people off their feet. Its extravagance and decoration will directly pierce into your heart rekindling the fire of romance. Glared in snow, the spark of love is sure to look and brighten your life. Noted as one of the Best attractions in Goa, there are many advantages that the place poses.

Dance and groove your feet in cold, placid serenity

Are you somebody who loves to groove on the face floor? Then, of course, this is the ideal place. Snow Park houses a huge dance floor that is themed with thunder and lightning sounds. The noise echoes back sending a chill down the spine both due to cold as well as the immensity of sound. Get hand in hand and tap your leg, dance matching the beats creating an embrace of love and immense memory.

In-house restaurant

Well, this is the USP of this place which makes people from all around visit this place frequently. The Snow Park houses an in-house restaurant. Thinking what is unique in this in-house restaurant? Well, being in the state of beaches and surrounded by snow inside is no less to make it unique. But that not the only thing which is unique here. Couples and guests are served beer in a real ice glass. Yes, you heard it right. The glass is purely made of ice. And if the temperature is less than. -5 retains the ice in the shape of the glass.Along with you’ll are served with some wonderful cuisines that can quench your hunger the most splendid manner.

Click selfies

Well, visiting goa and not clicking pictures is almost impossible. But at Snow Park, all guests are allowed to click a selfie with their huge ice glass with your beloved in your arms. Won’t that be romantic?


Well, there are plenty of entertainment activities for children, families and honeymooning couples to experience. There are playhouses, dancing floors with DJs playing music with vibrancy, ice igloos, snowman slide and much more.

Open 365 days and round the year, this popular destination of Goa, the Snow Park is located between two famous beaches including the Baga Beach and the Calangute Beach. Beach outside and snow inside can very well trigger romance making the trip all the more memorable.

So, if you are going to visit Goa, this hippie state does not forget to visit the Snow Park which will surely leave you dazzled of awesomeness.

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