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Be Social With Snow Park Goa

Ask anybody what is their top choice for a vacation, and you will get an instant answer of Goa. Goa is not just a place but an emotion. It helps one come out of their veil and live a life of freedom and fun. If you have ever been to Goa, you would be well aware of the bohemian air that it carries. Every person at least once in their lifetime wishes to go to this small state which welcomes every visitor with a big heart and open arms.

Fountain of extravagance

So, if we ask you what does the word ‘Goa’ bring to your mind, what would be your response? Beaches, coconut trees, lots of water, churches, forts, etc. etc. Well, there is a lot to explore and plenty of sightseeing points in the state that makes it one of the top choices of people to visit.

A perfect amalgamation of beauty, nature, greenery, and water, the state is a fountain of extravagance. Call it the hub for nightlife, entertainment, fun and you will find no dearth in its exploration.

But do you know apart from the varied beaches and forts which have become a part of Bollywood movies, there are many other places which offer equal fun and grandeur to the public?

One such place that guarantees the best time for all age groups is Snow Park Goa. It is considered to be one of the best attractions in Goa which is thronged by the public throughout the year.

This brings us to the question as to what is different at Snow Park goa and why it is the place one of the top attraction points.

Well, without wasting much of your time, here in this article we will speak about exclusively about Snow Park Goa – the popular destination for couples.

What is Snow Park Goa?

Do you like snow? Do you love to be surrounded by water as well as snow in one place? But don’t know where to find such a place that brings together the ultimate paradise of water and snow? Well if you think it’s impossible, then snow park goa is a place that would break your illusions.

A perfect stop for entertainment, fun, and nightlife, Snow park Goa offers everything under one roof. It is one of the fondest places for couples, and kids making it an ultimate destination for fun.

Located between Baga Beach and Candolim beach, this is paradise brought on Earth. Imagine being midst snow in the place and being surrounded by water on the outside. Doesn’t the thought itself arise a sense of amusement in mind?

Yes, it’s the exact thing offered by this entertainment and amusement park in Goa – the heart of hippie culture.

So, what are the attractions to view in the park and what are the best thing to do here in this place? Continue to read to check out the fun elements.

Age no bar and time no bar

While many places in Goa are restricted for children and certain age group, Snowpark Goa is one location which doesn’t bar any age group. Whether you are visiting the place with your family, friends or are a young couple, there are no restrictions for any age group. From young lads, honeymooning couples to families there is something kept in store for everyone.

Beatific ambiance

One of the highlights of this wonderful place is its restaurant and bar which is located inside the entertainment park. The place houses a full bar restaurant made of snow. The temperature inside the park happens to be below -5-degree Celsius.

Herein having a full glass of beer served in a glass which is made of ice is one of the eye-catchers.

Click as many photos you wish to

The best thing about this place is you can click a selfie with your partner holding the glass in your hand. Moreover, you can click numerous types of photos from family pictures, candid clicks as well as inside the bar selfies. The selfies clicked inside the bar will be sent to the individuals via email as well as through post by Snow Park Goa.

Get on the dance floor

Beaches outside, snow inside and an amazing dance floor. Doesn’t the entire thought provoke a feeling of awesomeness?

Well, that’s exactly what the place does. The dance floor is accompanied by thunder and lightning themes that invoke the dancer in everyone.

Fun activities to indulge in

The place offers something for everyone. It makes the best places for couples to spend time with your beloved in isolation from the world. Also, if you are looking for socializing with new faces, there is no better place than this.

Snowpark Goa is an ultimate destination to visit if you are ever thinking of vacationing in this state with your family and friends. Open all around the year 24 hours a day, book your tickets now and make the best attractions in Goa!

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