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Relish the Beauty of Tourist Places near Baga Beach

Baga beach belongs to the jurisdiction of Calangute and is most in demand because of the Baga creek as well. People from nooks and cranny of the world do land up here to catch glimpse of the inexpressible beauty of Baga beach. Therefore, you should note what are the must-visit places in Goa.

The versatile beauty of Goa makes it the most sought after destination. It portrays a wonderful blend of both Indian and European culture. It displays the history of the Portuguese remains keeping you engrossed for long. On the other hand, the bewitching serenity of the Western Ghats embraced with lush greenery and floras make the place the most attractive in every sense. Among the entire eye-catching beaches in Goa Baga beach tells a different story of its beauty. Therefore, it is time to explore one of the stunning beautiful Baga beaches in Goa.

Shri Mahadev Taleshwar Devasthan Goa:

The majestic beauty of the temple with elaborate architecture defines the true Indian art. In the meantime, the calmness of the temple will let you get into a trance. It gives a feeling of wisdom and internal happiness. In fact, during the days of the festival, the temple adds lots of colors which makes the visitors fall for the divine place again and again. Besides that, the convenient location and amazing layout make it the coveted holy destination for tourist.

Basilica of Bom Jesus:

Obviously, when you are in Baga beach how can you omit the beauty of the Basilica of Bom Jesus. Although Goa is itself famous for churches this typical church catches attention with its paintings. As these, explicitly depict the life of St Francis Xavier at a glance. The 408 years old church welcomes thousands of public every day who visit to get the glimpse of the well decked up casket that has the body remains of St Francis Xavier. In addition, people flocked to the place to get the snaps of the eye stunning mural artwork as well. Now you can reach the place easily by taxi, as it is only 27 mins near to Baga beach.

Enjoy the nightlife in Goa at Tito’s lane:

Goa is famous for the hustle and bustle of the night life. It bears light, sound and many happy vibrations that will automatically spark up your inner zeal. On that, note that if you want to get a lively vibe you have to land up at Tito’s lane in Baga. It is quite close to the Baga beach. From sumptuous foods to music and dance are the main highlights of this area that will keep you occupied. The wild party lovers should catch up on Saturday night to get more amusements.

Snow park Goa:

For those who love to be let loose in the white carpet of chilling snow should definitely visit the Snow Park Goa. It offers immense enjoyment as you can get the touch of real snow and indulge in various activities like dancing on the real snow floor with DJ. Besides that, you can play volleyball in the snow, feel the spark of the thunderstorm, make your snow crafted igloo houses and many more things. Therefore, you can be there because it is one of the best goa enjoyment places.

Blue whale water park:

This is among the best theme park in Goa. Here you will get to enjoy the most. Noticeably the infrastructure is enough appreciable. In addition to that, the area is complete safe for the children. The water park will highlight you with startling fishes that will draw all your attention to the fullest.
Thus these are some of the underlined places, which you can visit near the Baga beach.

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