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Top Six attractions near Vagator Beach in Goa

The cluster of exotic beaches can better be identified by Goa. It takes you to Mother Nature’s side, which gives you ample harmony and happiness with your beloved. Any components without water, surf, sand and sun on the beaches are incomplete. The long stretching coastline shows the azure waters of the oceans. Such spots are all about calming and relieving the stress from daily activities.

Vagator Beach: An Overview

Every tourist is struck by the soft white beaches, the black rocks, the cocoon palm trees, lush green forests, nature’s music and by the sea that turns from the aquamarine to the tropical green-Vagator and Chapora overlooked by the Portuguese castle. Yet to be interrupted by the hustle and bustle of visitors, life in Vagator and Chapora goes on in harmony, in the background. To the south of Vagator lies the world-famous Anjuna Beach.

Vagator Beach is one of Goa’s most picturesque beaches situated just north of the beach of Anjuna overlooked by steep laterite hills. Vagator Beach is one of Goa’s iconic beaches with the magnificent view of the sea waters romancing through lonely skies. If you want to have a couple of spots in the splendid sea, black rocks, red rock cliffs, and freshwater springs, then Vagator Beach is the location. Here is a top attraction in Vagator Beach, you can enjoy visiting.

Top attractions near Vagator Beach

The Vagator Beach in Goa is divided by a headland into two different sections. The beach on the left is Ozran Beach, also known as Little Vagator Beach and can be reached by a simple, short, rocky trail on the sea-facing the headland. The beach on the right is the beach of North Vagator, also known as the beach Big Vagator. Anjuna is located to the south of Vagator and one of the first hippies of Goa popular for tourist traffic and the Anjuna Markets on Wednesday. Tighten your seat belts to walk through the places to visit in Vagator:

  1. Anjuna Flea Market

For shopping enthusiasts, Anjuna Flea Market near the beach is an attraction to see, which takes place every Wednesday and lasts from morning until dusk. You can fill your shopping bags with trendy jewellery, clothes, antiques, earthen masks, mirrored bags or mementos from this colorful flea market. People used to avoid shopping in the afternoon due to the sun.

  1. Chapora Fort

Fort Chapora is in Bardez and is situated above the river Chapora. The Portuguese built this red laterite fort, so the building and designs take you back in its ancient days. It is very commendable to see the sunset from this location. The road to the fort is steep, so you have to pay attention. The best time to visit the site is either on sunrise or at sunset.

  1. Ozran Beach

As we know, Ozran Beach is also known as Little Vagator Beach which is situated on the left side of the beach. It is split between the different rock divisions, but by crossing a simple and short rocky trail one can reach here. You can find the bus from here which takes you down to Vagator Goa. This place has fantastic views and shacks and is considered quiet than the other main beaches. The beach is flat and this spot is perfect for adventure lovers to swim. There is one beautiful, glorious, black Lord Shiva statue nearly right on the shores.

  1. Morjim

Morjim is a small census town situated on the northern bank of the Chapora River in Pernem. Due to a large number of Russian immigrants living in this village, it is also known as “Little Russia.” Here you can see a large number of beautiful birds and a lot of animals too. The endangered species of the Olive Ridley sea turtles can be seen here hatching eggs on the shores of Morjim Beach, and egg-poaching or any disruption of the tortoises or their habitat is a crime under Indian law and is punishable.

  1. The Saturday Night Market

This large market is held in Arpora on Saturday night during the tourist season. Entry is open to all. This place’s appeal is its immense range, from spices to antique pieces, exquisite designs, jewellery and much more. In many Bollywood films, the Saturday night market is always featured! If you are driving, it takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to get to the store.

  1. Primrose Cafe Club

The nights in Goa are lively, so you should visit the Primrose Cafe Club in Vagator itself to experience this vibrant atmosphere. The nightlife of Goa is the most popular and leisurely place. Nearly every night, from October to March, parties take place at the Primrose Nightclub.

If you are here on a honeymoon and want to spend some time together, then Vagator Beach in North Goa is the best way to go. From December to February you can prepare to go to Vagator Beach which is a secluded beach lovers ‘ paradise when you are seeking refreshing beach vacations at Goa. It’s an ideal place to party and enjoy frenzied revelry hours. Start your trip planning and select fun packages for beach holidays.

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