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How to make your February Interesting in Goa?

Whenever you think of vacation, I’m sure that the first image of crossing your mind is of the crashing waves on the sand of Goa. Adored by Indians and foreigners, Goa has become a popular tourist destination despite being the smallest Indian state. It features enthralling rides, water sports, alluring theme parks, and a bunch load of activities for people of all ages. So, whether you have a five-year-old who enjoys rides in theme parks or an eighty-year-old parent who likes walking down the beach, Goa has something for every member of your family.   

Goa is also known for its radical festivals that draw millions of people around the world into this little state. From Sunburn to International Music Festivals, it is a dream world of fantasy for every teenager and youth. No matter the age, you’re never too old to enjoy in Goa.  

Why in February? 

Although the temperature is warmer than in December and January, tourists prefer the warmth of February to get their perfect tan in Goa. The temperature changes in an upward slope as the days pass in February. The first week is generally colder than the last week, with temperatures reaching a peak of 32 degree Celsius during the day. The nights are perfect for travellers with the minimum temperature at the bearable range of 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. 

As the month of February is an off-season for tourism in the state, the beaches are less crowded. These means that you can get your perfect Instagram-worthy pictures without any photobombing in the background. There’s no rain this month to interrupt your travel plans, and the hotels are usually cheaper. Irrespective of the crowd, the beaches and theme parks are still open for everyone to enjoy. You can still enjoy the local water sports and activities nearby with your friends and family.  

Places to visit and Things to do in February :

Baga Beach:

Tourist places near Baga beach have gained momentum due to the obvious popularity of the place. The tourist places to visit near Baga beach are always crowded with people because they are worth visiting. When you’re there, don’t miss out on these five amazing places near it. If you’re searching for places for couples, this name should be on your checklist. Have fun with these activities on Baga Beach.  

Anjuna Beach:

Anjuna beach is the synonym of nightlife and affordable flea markets. Thousands of travellers find adventure and fun in the vibrant parties organized on this beach. If you’re a person with a taste for the thrill, be sure to visit the night parties at Anjuna beach. Also, while you’re there, take a look at the most unforgettable attractions in Anjuna beach

Snow Theme Park:

The Snow Theme park in Goa is a place worth visiting, in the scorching heat of February. You will have the complete experience of freezing temperatures in the cold air of the theme park which has many rides and activities for people of all ages. The pictures you click when you’re inside will stay as a memory of generations to come.  

Calangute Beach:

There are many places to visit around the Calangute beach in Goa. This North Goa beach is known for its vast stretch that has well equipped changing and shower rooms. Equally loved by domestic and international travellers, you will fall in love with this beach if you visit here. It is also regarded as one of the cleanest beaches in Goa by local people and tourists. Don’t forget to watch the sun rising from the horizons of the sea. It is one of the most beautiful sights to experience in Goa.   

Vagator Beach:

Find a complete guide for Vagator Beach to make the most out of your trip. The little stalls selling trinkets, clothes, and souvenirs near the car parking area are a personal favourite of many. This particular beach is famous among the youth and teenagers alike because of the rave parties organized here. If you happen to visit here on a Saturday, don’t forget to check out the Flea Market which is completely organized by Germans. It is said to be the longest flea market in the state of Goa.    


The world-famous Goa Carnival is organized in the last week of February. The streets in the state are filled with artists from around the world and art lovers. It is an adobe of happiness and adventure for people who love exploring the diversities of the Goan culture. 

Experience the culture:

Their delicious cuisine, dances, and songs fill your eyes with the sound that will echo for years to come. Your kids will love the floats and dancers along with the people who play songs on the guitar. Watching the live parade is truly once in a lifetime experience.

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