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Go around these 7 wonders near Calangute, Goa!

Think about Goa, and Calangute is the first thing that comes in mind. Goa is a paradise for all those who love to live their life with extravagance and class. The Bohemian aura attracts people from all over the world. Goa is a perfect place famous for its prolific climate, wonderful sceneries and water adventures.
Being one of the popular destinations in Goa, Calangute is present as the largest beach having an unbroken coastline.

Throughout the years, the beach is filled with tourists because of various water activities performed here. Whether you opt for swimming, water skiing, or parasailing; you will never regret coming here. Calangute has another name, ”Queen of ‘beaches’ and remain true to this term. For ages, it is the favorite beach in North Goa. Perhaps, you can experience a hot and humid climate over there, but that ‘doesn’t stop anyone to visit there.

The ultimate time to visit this beach is winter season nearby Christmas and New Year.
Explore the Calangute while taking a walk or rent a scooter. Sit at the beach, enjoy the lip-smacking food, and listen to the sound of waves. What else you want when you are in Goa. Make a bucket list of the things to do in Calangute beach and enjoy every moment while staying there.

An astonishing Baga Beach

This wonderful and famous beach is an extension of Calangute village. Also, it is listed among famed places, especially beaches in Goa. Located 3 km north from the Calangute beach, it welcomes a huge crowd throughout the year. The characteristic brown sand beside the creek and the immense enticement of water sports makes it the to-go destination in Goa around Calangute places to visit. So just let your hair loose and gain an elaborate experience of parasailing, Dolphin cruises, windsurfing, water skiing and much more.

Witness the Medicinal Springs

Yet another marvelous sight among Calangute places to visit is a stream that is said to have creative properties. It makes an ideal destination for touring, and picnic wherein loads of people throng on to take a dip in the medicinal water. Oblivion to the world, this place can be reached following the narrow road coming after the Bom Viagem Convent.

Do visit Church of St. Alex

One of the renowned churches in Goa, which is popular for its exuberant architecture, features two altars, tower, and white dome visible from a distance. Build-in 1595; it is one of the oldest churches in Goa that were reconstructed in 1741 by local people and again in 1916. This makes a classic destination to gain insight into history as well as an ideal place for photography.

Snow Park Goa is never to miss out

Not only is Goa famous for churches, forts, and beaches, it is also comprised of fantastic amusement parks. Made entirely of ice, ‘it’s an unique location to explore. Best is it’s USP –  ice restaurant which serves fresh beer in a complete ice glass.

Moreover, you can take a selfie with this ice glass which will be later sent by the restaurant. Additionally, the dance floor, which is chilled in -5-degree celsius backed by thunder and lighting effects is a marvel to witness. Noted among beat amusement park in Goa, snow park goa should surely be added on to your itinerary.

Enjoy the lifestyle of Goa at Baga Retreat House

Goa offers a serene location for visitors away from the mundane lifestyle of cities. And who ‘wouldn’t want to spend some alone time in tranquility? Baga Retreat House is the perfect location to realize which overlooks the Arabian Sea and the nearby village. Its dedicated to Saint Francis Xavier and located on the hilltop makes the ideal location to rejoice the serene scenery of Goa.
Calangute Beach is a must to visit
Anointed as the ”Queen of Beaches’, the Calangute beach is the most popular destination in Goa. It stretches along 7 km of the Arabian Sea along with offering enjoyable water sport activities such as bump rides, water surfing, etc.

Kerkar Art Gallery

If you are someone who is exceptionally fond of Art and holds a liking for sculptures and paintings, then this Calangute place to visit in Goa is an ideal destination. The place holds regular exhibitions of artwork by artists and houses numerous contemporary artworks to drool on. Do not forget to view the terracotta and elliptical-shaped collectibles which draws tourists from across the globe to Goa. Also Check out Best tourist places near Baga Beach Here. 

Now having acquainted to the top destinations near Calangute, prepare your itinerary to visit these seven marvels surrounding the place. So pack your things and get going to Goooaaa!

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