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Add Some Snow to the Beachy Vibes of Your Goa Adventure

Everyone and their mother know about Goa for its beaches, but did you ever think of its extending ambit? Did you ever stop to find out more about Goa? If the answer is ‘No,’ or it is ‘yes’, but you never heard of Snow Theme park in Goa, don’t worry. You are just a part of the bigger circle of people like us. People who’ve been to Goa a million times, but don’t know much about the activities in North Goa.

Amusement parks in Goa provide a new dimension to tourism in the city. If you already haven’t experienced that side, keep it on your list for the next trip. The sloshing water, the fun of being with your friends and family, and the entertainment factor that couples along with the enthralling rides; can you afford to miss that? I don’t think so.

Why a Snow Theme Park in Goa? 

The thought of a snow theme park in Goa sure would raise many eyebrows. But, if you think about it, it can be a fun experience for a change. The snow hugging picture of your daughter could be your piece of memory for a lifetime.

You can easily lay on thick when you’re around your co-workers by telling them about your chilling experience at Goa. It would exactly be like hitting two targets with one arrow. You’d get beach fun and the tan as you planned, along with some side adventure of snow-filled activities.

What do the Theme parks have in them for you? 

While thinking about the activities to do in Goa, stop where you hear about the theme parks. Stop at one of such places to see more about what they have to offer to their guests.

Not only do the theme parks have something in the store for you, but they also have multiple things for your families as well. Regardless of the age range, there are some activities for everybody that comes along with you. So, if you plan on visiting a water theme park or a snow theme park in Goa, all you need to do is select from the range of theme parks available in the state.

More about the Best Theme Parks in Goa 

When you visit a Goa theme park, the vista would mesmerize your senses with its appealing vibes. Starting from the range of activities for kids and elders, you won’t realize how fast the time passes by when you conclude your day at the theme park. Goa is known for the best water theme parks in the world because of its proximity to the Arabian Sea. Apart from the sense of pleasing view of the white sand mixing with the splashed of the water at the beaches, you and your family could experience a lifetime worth of fun while you’re in Goa. All at the different places of the snow theme park that has heart-pumping activities for everyone.

Activities at Snow Park 

So, are you planning for a short weekend trip or a small vacation in Goa? Escape into the dazzling world of Snow Park in Goa to bring a new twist in your monotonous life. It enlivens the atmosphere by replicating the exact conditions of the snow-struck town. When you roll your eyes around this beautifully created theme park, you are sure to get the vibes of being in a northern city like Kashmir or Ladakh.

The list of activities at the snow park is mentioned in the list below. Imagine, if even reading about them sounds so fun, how would it feel actually to experience it?

  • DJ

Can any party conclude without a hit dancing number? Join the party at a snow theme park that supplies you with the entertainment quota of a year.

  • Sledging 

You will be delighted to move across the car sledges that glide over snow. It would be hard to believe that the snow town is unreal.

  • Ice Bar

Yes. It’s a bar with drinks that are served in ice glasses. Imagining the scene makes us want it already.

  • Igloo

How can a snow town be complete without an igloo? The snow theme park has designed a beautiful igloo that used to be made by the people living in cold regions, earlier. A maximum of five people can come inside the igloo at a time.

  • Ice Sculptures

Not only do you have the benefit of viewing the ice sculptures, but you can also stand around it to click that picture you would show to your friends and relatives. They are sure to be jealous of the images that show your best moments at the snow park.

  • Thunderstorm

Yes. You read it right. The perfect amalgamation of technology and creativity helped in producing the thunderstorm effects that feel exactly real, at the snow theme park. If you’re travelling with your family, we are sure that your kids will love the sight of a thunderstorm with snow falling over them.

  • Snow Volleyball

Volleyball and snow. Who could ever miss that palpable combination? The snow theme park in Goa has exclusively opened a new arena for this sport, due to its popular demand. Don’t worry. The snow would not freeze your palm, and you will have the protection of gloves over it. All you need to do is just hit the ball as hard as you can.

  • Wall Climbing

Rock climbing but with snow, not wall in the background. It sounds scary, doesn’t it? But it’s fourfold fun that what it sounds here. Using state of the art technology, the wall climbing at Snow Park in Goa provides the exhaustive experience of climbing over a snow-clad mountain. You wouldn’t realize the difference between climbing over a mountain and performing the wall climbing activity at the theme park (even when you don’t know what the former feels like).

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