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Most astonishing stuff to do in Snow Park, Goa

You must have visited Goa lot many times with the same beach, same activities, and same clubs. Now Goa does not excite you anymore, right? Also, you must have visited all the places near Calangute beach but did you discover the new theme park in Goa?

Yes, I know this news would surely amaze you and you must have started planning for your next visit to Goa. But before you proceed let’s consider the fun-filled snow activities in snow park that grows into your finest memories about snow park.

We all have been to one or more snow parks which could be in your city or nearby your city but the snowpark in Goa is like a cherry on the cake. And that too when you know that snow park is near the place you are staying. All this could be possible if you plan your trip accordingly with all the details.

You would not like to visit Goa during summers as Goa is very hot during those days but now it’s possible. You just need to enter the snow park and forget the world outside as there are lot many activities which could fill your day with excitement and adventure.

Let’s acknowledge the activities which could be enjoyed during snow park visit:

Snow clown:

Who does not like to play with snow especially when you are with friends or family or your spouse. I am sure the feeling would be like you are in Kashmir or Kullu Manali. Just forget the world outside you for a day and feel the chilling of snow with your spouse and make this your memory to cherish forever.

Snow Sliders:

When you hear about the word snow sliding, does Switzerland come into your mind? I know it’s fascinating to dream about snow sliding in India and that too in Goa. But yes snow park, Goa does have two snow slidings, wherein you and your child can enjoy the cold breeze as you slide down the slope in your sledge. Come sliding down with heart pounding, on a patch of icy snow and witness who wins the race.

DJ Rocks:

Everyone visiting Goa must have been once to DJ party happening at Calangute beach and danced till you flattened. Now you have one full day to eat, drink and dance that too in freezing temperature. Just get out of your comfort zone and get into the dance floor with all the amazing lights and hit numbers from Bollywood. Just own the dance floor and kill it.

Sledging Car:

You must have seen your friends sliding on the sledging car on their honeymoon. And you must be wondering how to enjoy the same activity with your budget, so here comes snow park, Goa. Just relish sliding there with your spouse and take photos to upload on social sites and let others wonder what place is that. We know you must have dreamt of sledging car which is unbelievably in your memory now.

Ice bar in icy glass:

You must have had lots of booze in Goa but did you try Liquor in the frosty temperature. Yes, that’s true, now you can try it in Goa with icy glass and cooling climate. Just enjoy your favorite drinks with your friends. Cheersss!!!

Ice Igloo:

When you listen to the word Igloo and first thing comes in your mind is Europe. No more. Snow park, Goa has a colorful Igloo wherein just click and share your photos. Surely you would get maximum likes and comments from your friends and family members.

Ice Sculpture:

You must have heard about people making ice sculptures like animals, birds, or even lord statues. But now in Goa you would be witnessing how ice sculptures are made and how much time does it lasts. It would surely amaze you how beautifully art is formed.

Thunder storm:

Thunderstorm can be naturally observed by any of you during rainy seasons. But have you imagined how it would feel to experience thunderstorm in a snow park. It’s a thrilling adventure to be under the understorm which is man-made. Just feel wow and enjoy the snowfall onto you.

Volley Ball in snow:

Volley is loved by most of the athletics. Even people living in societies gather at night to play volleyball. Now take your society team to Goa and play in the middle of ice. It would be one of the best experiences you would have in a lifetime.

Wall Climbing:

People who love to take adventures into their life would have surely tried climbing the wall but have you tried climbing an icy wall? Just go to Goa and enjoy icy wall climbing with your hands which is one time experience.

After reading all these adventures and icy games, we are sure you would be convincing your friends to plan a trip to Snow Park, Goa. You can purchase tickets online so no end moment cancels and ditching of friends would be granted. Have one-time experience with all snow activities and also places to visit nearby Calangute beach.


Come and enjoy best snow theme park at Goa.

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