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North Goa attracts tourists for its perfect and pleasant aura

The very thought of Goa flashes in our mind a picturesque location dazzling with beatific greenery, glistening sky and a vast view of sea. Additionally, it also tops the list of most sought destinations in India that is thronged by tourists around the year. There is no dearth of prolific places for couples and the best attractions in goa for one to indulge in. Whether you are visiting the destination with family, friends or with your better half there are numerous places to cherish.

Immensity of Nature

Name it its bohemian air or the aura of independence, Goa makes an ideal destination for all ages groups. Surely Goa is wonderment for every individual who visits this splendid platform. Coming to Goa and visiting plenty of wonderful places in the city happen to be a dream for every individual. In this article, we bring in the best attractions in goa to cherish and enjoy your travel.

Exotic spots to recharge yourself

As we all know Goa is known for its extravagance and hippie lifestyle. And when visiting tourist places near Baga beach there is a lot for one to explore. This includes a plethora of sporting activities to indulge in, destination for rejuvenating oneself in shopping, exploration and some mouthwatering good seafood.

Goa is hippie culture and lets your hair loose attitude. And this falls true for the wonderful nightlife which one can witness in the state. Be set to be welcomed to famous nightclubs such as Cavala, Mambo’s and Tito’s. Also, the restaurants add equal panache to the settings. From enjoying different party themes, DJs and dining in the setting of candlelight dinner, it’s the perfect destination for nightlife.

Do not forget to satiate your hunger indulging in cocktail and cocktail drinks and some relishing seafood. Also, it is well known for its Saturday night party that will leave you drooling.

Medicinal springs

The water here is known to have medicinal properties this making an ideal destination for visiting tourists. Apart from this, Baga beach comprises of Sea Cure. Known as Sea Cure, one is offered cure from ailments such as Arthritis, Joint Pains and much more. This place is flocked by tourists all round the year presenting the best destination for recreation and for gaining remedy from illness.

Kesarval Springs

Goa is completely mysterious and has a charming edge that never fails in attracting people to its beauty. Set amidst the woods laid across a wide road, Kesarval Springs tops the list of destination which is renowned for its mystic charm & one of best places in goa for couple. Also making an ideal destination for clicking pictures, you will surely get some wonderful snaps visiting this silent and mystic place.

Let your adrenaline rush indulging in adventure and fun

As said Goa is a complete package of fun and entertainment. This will surely make your adrenaline rush to newer heights and set you in a marvelous your. Apart from bathing in the sun, swimming in the vast sea and clicking pictures, here are few other activities you can try out when visiting Goa.

Adventure sports activities

Goa gives you the best opportunity to enjoy some adrenaline-raising activities. There are numerous sports activities up in the sky and under-watering sports which will raise the fun element more. Some of the too sports to must try include scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing, catamaran sailing, etc. However, if you are someone who loves enjoying me time, then you do have a range of leisure activities like bird watching, hiking, camping; go karting which will unleash the poet and storyteller in you. Make the most of you time in Goa and we are sure you will be back with some wondrous moments to cherish.


Held in the month of February every year, the Carnival of Goa is something all await for. Colorful, pompous, alluring, enticing, this fest witnesses the highest number of crowd. Do not forget to relinquish your hunger with this hunger quenching food and set the mood of carnival.

With plenty of restaurants, hotels, nearby beaches and immense natural setting, go Goa to experience paradise on Earth where there is independence and beauty together.

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